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97% love it!
At Bizness Apps, we always value our customers by providing them with first-class support in anything related and sometimes unrelated to our business. We use Nicereply to measure our support performance by including the ability for our customers to rate and comment on our support in every response we send them.

What some of our clients are saying

Life is full of people rushing and forgetting that were all human and more or less in the same boat. I didn't feel like that at all here. I felt like a person being served by another person. that matters. Thanks
In the absence of a real voice and back to back dialogue, I feel a genuine sense of passionate support from the entire staff in regards to assisting and directing me through my issues. This is proving to be a very unique and well delivered brand of customer service. Thank you all very much for your excellent service. Makes me feel real good to be a part of Bizness Apps!
First rate customer service. Fast, knowledgeable, courteous staff that always meet my needs!
Excellent excellent!!! This is why I will forever be a bizapps customer, grade A customer service!
I love the lightning fast support!
10 out of 10 response and so far the entire team for bizness apps has been brilliant!
AMAZING! thanks for helping me! :-)
Great response time and on a Saturday night to boot!
We are going through the learning curve on the white label program and your support and sales service has been excellent. Thx
Good information and response time is very good. As a new reseller, I need a little extra hand holding to get through the initial processes. Overall support has been very good.