How happy are customers with our support?

94% love it!

At Ethical IT, we always value our customers by providing them with first-class support in handling their IT challenges. We're using Nicereply to measure our performance by including the ability for our customers to rate our support in every response we send them.

What some of our clients are saying about us

"As usual, James handling this issue promptly and efficiently. Thank you for all of your help."

"Thanks a quick and helpful response. Lets hope that the outcome of the enquiry will produce the required results quickly!"

"The issue wasn't resolved, the technicians were not helpful and overall felt my case was poorly handled."

"Superb service from Danielle as always! Please don't forget to remind Huseyin that Tottenham beat Arsenal 2-1 He keeps telling me how much he likes to be reminded ;-) "

"It took a short while to sort it out. I was eventually told to unplug printer and reconnect then it worked. I will try this in future before I contact IT Thankyou"

"As usual Gabor was really helpful, nothing was too much trouble. His email manner is polite and the request was actioned speedily. No complaints"

"The issue I had was resolved quickly. The support I received was very good."

"I have been very happy with the response time and equally any queries being answered and problems solved over the last month. I find the support service approachable and courteous in handling my enquiries."

"Huseyin was fab - as ever!"

"Very speedy response to my request & a friendly personal e-mail to let me know that everything had been completed. Thank you!"

Most used words by our customers

problem help support gabor danielle new rezvan polite usual ticket minutes speedy wasnt handled issue excellent huseyin resolve sorted promptly access just working service ethical today request query time work efficiently response got superb super team happy extremely day quickly great job friendly solved did quick fantastic really thanks patient good issues able prompt fast laptop dealt email brilliant helpful phone efficient problems staff printer resolved took office professional thank