How happy are Zopa customers with our service?

92% love it!

At Zopa, we always value our customers by providing them with first-class support in anything related and sometimes unrelated to our business. We're using Nicereply to measure our service performance by letting our customers rate every response we send them.

What some of our clients are saying

"Great service, thanks"

"Fast reply and gave me clear advice"

"Very quick and efficient. Any reason why these old statements are not on the website? W"

"Very polite & straight to the point. Problem solved. Thank you Very Much."

"Rukia was very helpful and very quick to respond to my query."

"Good answer but I'd have liked it quicker."

"Thank you for getting back to me , I was just a little bit confused . Many thanks again, your service has been great Regards Andrew Hirons "

"Very quick & helpful response to my query received from Chris Borrower Specialist. Thanks"

"That was a great and detailed answer. Would have been nice to know the exact reason I was declined for a loan, but I understand you can t provide that."

"First class service thanks."

Most used words by our customers

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